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If you are a woman business leader, wanting to share your hard-won knowledge and experience to inspire others, you've come to the right place.  

Her Next Chapter helps women leaders to write and publish a business book that they can be proud of. 

Join a supportive community of successful women, who are telling their amazing stories to help to inspire other women on their business journeys. 

Not sure where to start? The Start Your Business Book online course below is a great way get ready to write. If you're interested in joining the Her Brillliant Book Collective, that's where you'll find structured content, ongoing peer support and access to me and a range of guest experts from every part of the writing and publishing process.

Finally, if you feel like you need one-to-one support, then there's my book coaching service, where I will work with you to structure your book for your audience's needs - and your own - and then provide support and accountability to get that book written! 

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Start That Business Book!

Want to write a business book, but no idea where to start and it's just not happening? You're in the right place!

Her Brilliant Book Collective Waiting List

Unleash your amazing knowledge in a brilliant book! If you are a female entrepreneur or a woman in a senior corporate role, it's time to step into your rightful place as an authority in your field. 

Share your knowledge, build a lasting legacy that no-one can take away from you AND inspire other women at the time - by writing a book to be proud of. 

The Her Brilliant Book Collective will give you the foundational knowledge you need to write and market your book, plus a group call with me every month, a masterclass from a guest expert AND ongoing support in a private Facebook group with other amazing women just like you.

What you'll get:

  • Structured content to help you write, publish and sell your book
  • Group calls with me and guest experts from across the whole publishing sector
  • Co-writing Zoom calls - so you have no excuse for not writing 
  • Peer support and accountability from fellow members and me!

Register your interest here and I will let you know when we open up to new members! 

The Mystery of the Muddled Message

Are you not getting results because people don't really understand what you do? You need to download my free PDF guide to getting clear on your message and starting to see results. 

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Her Brilliant Book Collective

The Her Brilliant Book Collective is a supportive community for women entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to write, design and sell brilliant business books, to enhance their authority, share their amazing knowledge and inspire others.

Get Unstuck With Your Book!

FREE 5-Day Challenge 

Uncover your message so you can finally start writing your business book with 100% clarity!

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